13 Reasons Why Artists Love Portland

Art Institute of Portland Block Party

Photo by Art Institute of Portland

Portland is the home of hippies and hipsters, and it might be the best city in the country to be an artist. The green landscape feeds an artist’s soul while Portland is the perfect place to be a nomad, as you’ll see if you keep reading.

1. Portland Has Art Programs Galore

Portland boasts ten schools with major art or exhibit programs, which makes it easy to practice and perfect your craft while surrounded by like-minded individuals. Oregon College of Art & Craft and Art Institute of Portland are just two of the schools, and there are a dozen other spaces or collectives in the city where you can learn or showcase your work. Portland is also home to art critics such as Jeff Jahn, who has called Portland “the capital of conscience for the United States.” That’s not a compliment to be taken lightly. We salute you, Portland!

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