15 Worst Places to Raise Kids

Downtown St. Louis

Photo by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

There has been much controversy, in regards to deeming cities the “worst places to raise children.” People have continued to debate on what criteria should be used to create such a list. However, there is one thing that rings true for almost anyone on the planet, cities ridden with crime and poverty usually aren’t the most desirable. Weighing heavily on the aforementioned criteria, here is a list of the 15 worst places to raise kids in the United States.

1. St. Louis, Missouri: An Arch of Violence

Home of the famous Gateway Arch, the city of St. Louis, Missouri is also home to one of the most dangerous places in the country. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report from 24/7 Wall St., in 2012 this city was titled the fourth most dangerous city in America when it comes to violent crimes.

These statistics alone should be cause for concern. Raising children in this day and age comes with immediate difficulties. Raising children in a crime-ridden city doesn’t make the job any easier. Although St. Louis does have its perks, the high crime rate makes it an undesirable place to start or raise a family.

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