Aberdare National Park – Kenya

Aberdare National Park – Kenya is within the Aberdare Mountain Range that provides guests with an excellent backdrop for a number of outdoor recreational activities, not to mention a closer look at Africa’s amazing wildlife.


Aberdare National Park – Kenya is located in central Kenya, bordered the higher surroundings of the Aberdare Mountain Range and the Aberdare Salient.

Getting There

You can reach Aberdare National Park – Kenya via Nyeri as well as Naro Moru if you are coming from the eastern section. If you will be coming from the west, you can reach the national park via Naivasha as well as North Kinangop.

Nyeri is approximately one hundred and fifty-four kilometers from Nairobi while Naivasha is about eighty-seven kilometers off Nairobi.

What to See and Do

Aberdare National Park – Kenya offers guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy a good number of outdoor recreational activities. These include trout fishing, camping, trekking, bird-watching and game viewing.

With more than two hundred and fifty various bird species, bird lovers will definitely have a grand time keeping and eye out for Jackson’s Francolin, eagles, sparry hawks, sunbirds, goshawks and plovers.

Other than bird-watching, game viewing is also a favorite activity here. Among the animals that you can see here are black rhinos, black and white Colobus monkeys, leopards, sykes monkeys and baboons.

On occasion, you may also come across lions, bongo which is a type of forest antelope, and golden cats.

Brief History

Aberdare National Park – Kenya was designated as a national park in the year 1950. It encompasses an area of approximately seven hundred and sixty-six square kilometers.

With altitudes of around seven thousand feet up to fourteen thousand feet above sea level, it has a wide range of terrain; from mountain peaks to valleys where streams, waterfalls and rivers run through.

On the lower altitudes, the areas are mostly covered by bamboo forests, rainforests and moorlands.

It is governed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Entry fee to visit Aberdare National Park – Kenya is pegged at USD50 for adults and USD25 for kids and students; both during low and high seasons.

Camping is at USD15 for adults and USD10 for kids.

Other Information

Entry to Aberdare National Park – Kenya is via a Smartcard only. You can get this from the Aberdare Headquarters and also at various issuance offices found in other national parks such as Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru Park and Mombasa Kenya Wildlife Services Offices.

The Smartcards are loaded with cash credits from which your entry fees will be deducted. These are issued to individuals 18 years old and above. Children’s fees will be deducted from their parents’ or adult companions’ Smartcard.