Aburi in Accra – Ghana

Aburi in Accra – Ghana is home to the famous Aburi Botanical Gardens. This small town in Ghana’s capital city of Accra offers visitors a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life; and is the ideal spot for a bit of rest and relaxation.


The small town of Aburi is located in the northeastern section of Accra.

Getting There

Flying in to Accra is via the Kotoka International Airport which is about ten kilometers off the city centre. From the airport, the easiest way to reach Aburi is through a taxi ride.

Most taxis don’t have meters so you will have to negotiate with the driver how much you will be charged for your trip to Aburi.

You may also catch a tro-tro, a type of minivan also known as a shared taxi. Tro-tros however will wait for passengers to fill up all the seats, usually around twelve to fourteen passengers before departing so you ma have to wait awhile before it leaves for Aburi in Accra – Ghana.

What to See and Do

As previously mentioned, Aburi in Accra – Ghana is home to Aburi Botanical Gardens. Beautiful flowering plants, trees and many other plant species can be found within this 65-hectare garden.

It will take at least an hour to view all the magnificent plants housed in the gardens. This provides a refreshing stroll for the whole family plus there are picnic sites within the garden if you wish to have your lunch or snacks amidst towering trees and floral gardens.

Within the garden, you can visit the Rock Garden, the Lover’s Lane adorned with fragrant roses and visit the Horticulture School.

Around Aburi in Accra – Ghana, you can also go on a bike tour along bike trails on the mountains and hillsides. This is an ideal way of viewing the natural surroundings of the small town.

Brief History

Aburi in Accra – Ghana is small town that was mainly used as a retreat by official guests and travelers during the colonial times. From here, Aburi’s reputation as an excellent retreat for the world-weary traveler somehow stuck and it has since been the idyllic getaway for those looking for a small-town ambience to retreat to.

This small town is locally governed by what is called the Aburihene – the Chief of the town.


The cost to travel to Aburi in Accra – Ghana is relatively cheap. Tro-tro rides are usually around 8 cedis or its equivalent in your currency.

To visit the Aburi Botanical Garden, there is a small fee that you will have to pay: 20 cedis or its equivalent to your currency.

Prices may vary depending on the current exchange rate.

For accommodations in Aburi in Accra – Ghana, these are around 106 up to 154 cedis.

Other Information

There are several hotels in Accra that are close to Aburi in Accra – Ghana for those looking to stay in more luxurious accommodations.

The Aburi Botanical Gardens is open six days a week – excluding Sundays – from 8:30 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon.