Aden – Yemen

A trip to Aden in Yemen is a great way to learn much about the country’s past. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors will also be enthralled by its many fascinating landmarks.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The city is located in the Aden Gulf just to the Red Sea’s southern end. The closest airport is Aden International Airport. It is 9 km away. It is also possible to drive from Al-Baha Domestic Airport to the city. When you get to the area, use the taxis or mini buses to move around.

What to See There

When you go on a trip to Aden in Yemen, you will see that most of the attractions are natural and historical. One of them is the Cisterns of Tawila. This is a water-cachement system situated in the Carter sub-center.

Other landmarks are the Aden Minaret, the Sira Fort, Palace of the Sultanate of Lahej and the Military Museum.

Other areas worth visiting are the Jebal Shamsan and Jebal Hadid fortifications and Rimbaud House. As far as natural attractions go, its beaches are also worth checking out.


According to legend, the remains of Cain and Abel are somewhere in the city. Based on archaeological research, the area was already known to the Arabas in the 1st century BC. It used to be a major transshipping point up to the 1st century AD.

Marco Polo once described the city as a place of commerce. Ships carrying goods from the east went by it on the way to Egypt. During the 19th century, it became a part of the British Empire. Until Yemen reunited, it was South Yemen’s capital city.


Expenses will vary depending on where you stay and what mode of transport you use. There are many hotels that start at $100 a night. As for taxis, it is best to negotiate with the driver for the price. Otherwise, the cost will be too high. Compare the costs of car rentals, as they can vary greatly.

Other Info

Other sites worth checking out are the resorts, water park and the lagoons. These are the ideal places to go bird watching. There are also clubs and places where you can drink alcohol.

If your trip to Aden in Yemen is on a budget, there are some economy hotels like the Elephant Bay. Of course there are also five-star hotels for those who want to splurge.