Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen

Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen is a historical city where, while not much of the old town has been preserved, is still a popular destination for travelers especially for the Muslim faithful as this is where the first mosque in the country can be found.


Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen is situated some twenty-three kilometers from the downtown area of Taiz.

Getting There

You can reach Taiz City via road as there are a number of roads in the surrounding areas that have major links to the city. You can also fly in via the domestic airport located in Taiz.

From Taiz, you can reach Al Janad via a taxi or bus ride.

What to See

Visitors traveling to Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen mostly see the mosque first. It is considered as one of the most important mosques in the country as this is one of the oldest mosques in Islam religion all around the world.

There is also a weekly market that takes place here where you can find a wide assortment of local products.

Around Taiz, there is a magnificent castle that sits atop a hill overlooking the city. The castle looks majestic especially at night when it is illuminated by numerous lights outlining the structure of the castle.

Brief History

Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen was actually a seasonal marketplace in the city before the onset of Islam. As mentioned above, not much of the old town has survived but the mosque still stands.

The Al Janad Mosque is one of the oldest in Islamic history. It is said that the mosque was constructed by Mu’adh Bin Jabal, a revered companion of the Prophet, as per instructions of the Prophet himself.

The mosque was constructed some time in 630 AD.


For accommodations around Al Janad in Taiz City – Yemen, your best option is a three-star hotel located within the city centre. Rooms here usually start at US$180 per room, per night.

There are other hotels that are more affordable but for the best comfort, rooms that start at $180 and over are your best option. These rooms have comfortable beds, air-conditioning system and a free wireless internet connection.

Other Information

The country is currently in a political turmoil and violence is quite widespread. Travelers from foreign countries are therefore advised to seek travel recommendations from their respective governments.

Civil unrest, a general atmosphere of lawlessness and terrorist attacks unfortunately have marred the tourism industry of the country.