Al Shehir City – Yemen

Al Shehir City in Yemen is an important historical city. Although it is known primarily as a historical site, the place is also attracting several tourists.


The city can be found 62 km at the eastern side of Mukalla. You can reach this place by bus. If you are visiting the country via a travel operator, you may be taken to the site. This will be the case if the city is in your itinerary.

What to See

The city is segregated into two parts; the modern and the ancient cities. Of special interest to tourists is the architecture of the edifices, which are composed of bricks. Just looking at the structures will give you an idea of the architect designs. There are a couple of interesting gates in the city. One is known as Bab Al’eidrous and the other is (Bab Al Khour.

The ancient city is filled with many other ancient structures and and walls. There are also many modern jewelry stores and shops. You can also drop by some of the many markets there. You will also see several boats in the area. Aside from tourists, historians also visit the place regularly.


The city is known by many names. It is also called Al Shahar, Al Sheri, Al Souq and Samoun. The city has been in existence since ancient times. During its heyday, the city was known for its dates and olibonum exports.

During those times, Al Shehir City in Yemen became known for its dyeing and the construction of boats. The city was also known for its jewelry and different kinds of dresses. During this period, the site was also a marketplace. These are of immense interest to researchers and archaeologists.


The cost of visiting Yemen is not that expensive. You only have to spend a few thousand dollars to visit the place. The cost of the airline tickets will vary though, depending on where you are coming from.

Other Info

Another attraction in the city is the old wall. The castles and old structures are also worth checking out. The new area of the city is also notable for the stone materials used for building the edifices there. The white stones used for their building is very striking.

Al Shehir City in Yemen has several attractions, and the ones just mentioned here are just some of them. A visit to the place will definitely unearth more of these.