Amazon Jungle Rainforest – Ecuador

Ecuador is quite popular for its Amazonas ecosystem. Its tropical rainforest is one of the most complex communities of flora and fauna housing species after species of animals and plants.

Location and How to Get There

The Amazon Jungle Rainforest covers approximately 12 million hectares of hilly forest off the Ecuadorian Amazon. With its vast area, you will find it hard to completely cover the whole thing. There are, however, suggested areas for tourists, where activities are as promising as anywhere else in the Amazonas.

There is the length of the Napo River, which is about 1,400 kilometers in length and about three miles in width. The Napo River’s 120 islands are covered by forests, which provide nesting sites for numerous species of migratory birds.

There is also the Upper Amazon where a hundred species of trees have been recorded per acre. That is a stunning record considering that in Central America, only 40 species of trees per acre have been recorded.

There is also the Aguarico River, which is home to over 200 species of amphibians and reptiles and over 600 species of fishes.

You get a taste of the Amazon Jungle Rainforest, you have a lot of options from the Limoncocha Ecological Reserve to the Yasuni National Park Biosphere to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve to the Napo River basin among others.

Getting there is easy through public transport.

What to See There

The Amazon Jungle Rainforest plays host to countless species of plants and animals You will never get short of things to see or do here. The jungle is teeming with sightseeing activities that will make your eyes feast on numerous natural wonders that thrive in this side of Ecuador.


There are a number of indigenous communities that protect the rainforest from centuries before to present. They were able to sustain a productive subsistence within the huge forest preserve.


Traveling to the Amazon Jungle Rainforest may only be heavy on the budget because of transportation fees. Entering the parks and reserves, however, usually costs very minimal amount.

Other Info

The Amazon Jungle Rainforest covers half of Ecuador’s total area. Since it has been the center of Ecuadorian tourism, infrastructure is quite good in the region, paving the way for visitors to easily reach the parks.

Also, the jungle remains home to many indigenous communities, which welcome visitors all year through.

Suffice it is to say that tourism is quite lively in this side of Ecuador with its many living treasures thriving in a vast region.