Amiga Island – Haiti

Haiti is a scenic Caribbean island. It is no longer surprising, therefore, to find interesting bodies of water here like the Amiga Island.

Location and How to Get There

The Amiga Island is located nearby Labadie Island. Labadie Island is Haiti’s most popular tourist attraction with its luscious natural wonders. When you are already in Labadie Island, it is easy to get to nearby bays and beaches and other islands.

From Labadie Island, the way to get to Amiga Island is usually through a cruise. The cruise will take you to the reefs of the equally popular Bay of Acul towards the town of Caracol. Then, you will be headed to the Amiga Island, where sightseeing and snorkeling are top activities.

What to See There

Amiga Island is a stunning beauty. Its verdant greenery can give you the thrills. The picturesque scenery is enough to keep you relaxed while you enjoy the stress-releasing properties of water sports and activities such as snorkeling and swimming and whatnot. It is an exotic tourist spot that provides lots of opportunities to enjoy many interesting activities.


Amiga Island is one of the natural wonders that the disaster-stricken country of Haiti was blessed with. Since it is truly one amazing sight, it did not take too long for people – locals and foreigners alike – to be able to discover what an amazing tourist spot there is in the surrounding waters of Haiti. In no time, visiting tourists and locals of Haiti flock to Amiga Island for recreation.


There is no cost, really for visiting Amiga Island, except for the cruise fee. More than anything, this place is visited via a cruising tour that charges a couple of dollars. That amount, however, is very well worth it considering the number of attractions you can enjoy in one hit.

Other Info

Amiga Island is well known for its stunning appeal. It offers a picturesque view of luscious greeneries set against the background of amazing blue waters. But to be able to appreciate Amiga Island in full, you must also unearth what lies within. The amazing undersea life is truly a treat for divers. Coral formations and reefs can be viewed just a few yards away from the beach. That is why it is heralded as the best snorkeling spot.

Aside from diving and snorkeling, you will also enjoy the wonderful beach surrounding the Amiga Island. You can have lots of fun doing fun water activities there including swimming and jet skiing.