Amperfy in Antananarivo – Madagascar

The Amperfy in Antananarivo is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Madagascar. The sheer beauty of the place has made it one of the favorite getaways for those who want to experience the beauty of nature.


The site is sixty miles from Antananarivo, the nation’s capital.

What to See

The main attraction is the natural scenery. The region is volcanic and offer verdant greens, beautiful skies and stunning sunrises and sunsets. The geysers are some of the biggest attractions in the area.

There is nothing like seeing these natural formations shoot water and gas from time to time. The Amperfy in Antananarivo also has beautiful waterfalls. They are among the most spectacular sights in Madagascar. Equally interesting are the dams. These were built to help in the catching of eels.


Facts about the peopling of the country is not yet complete. However, majority of archaeologists believe that the earliest settlers were from southern Borneo. These came to the country between 200 BCE and 500 CE. This means Madagascar is one of the last great landmasses to have been settled in by humans.

Majority of the early people settled at the southeast part of the island. However, they probably actually landed at the north coast. The early settlers resorted to slash and burn agriculture for crop cultivation.

By 600 CE, the settlers started living inland. Evidence shows rice planting at the lowland marshes. By 1600, irrigated rice paddies had appeared in Betsileo country. By the 17th century, the forest ecosystem had disappeared and there was barren grassland all around. As time passed by, various ethnic groups emerged.

The written history of the country began in the 7th century when the Arabs set up a trading center at the northwest coast. Arab script, culture and beliefs were introduced.


A tour of the country will cost around 1500 to over 2000 USD. This price range is just an estimate. The price will be determined by the trip duration and the itinerary.

Other Info

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Madagascar are the prime minister’s residence, the Queen’s Palace and the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. There are also several parks and hills in the area.

Amperfy in Antananarivo is a beautiful place teeming with natural wonders. There many fine destinations in Madagascar, but this is one of the best preserved. For this reason, it has become one of the most sought after destinations in the country.