Amsterdam – Holland

Amsterdam in Holland is a large city with several interesting landmarks, buildings and attractions. It is considered the cultural capital of the country.


Those coming from abroad will likely land at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Two of the cheapest carriers are Easyjet and Jet2. Once you land, you can hire a taxi or take the Amsterdam Central Station. There are also buses and taxis that can take you to the city. However, taxis can be quite expensive.

What to See

There are several modern and antique buildings in the site. The Old Center is in the city center and filled with structures going back to the medieval times. There are also many churches and synagogues in the area.

Platange is the place to go for botanical gardens. For art and history aficionados, you can check out the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House. There are three beaches nearby: Strand Zuid, Strand West and Blijburg.


The history of Amsterdam in Holland began in 1270. The name is derived from the dam that the early residents in the area built. Due to its location, the city would go on to become an important port in the 14th and 15th centuries. Over time it would become a center for grain production as well.

In 1585 Antwerp fell to Spain and Amsterdam prospered. By the 17th century, it was the trade center of Europe. Even during its early days, the city was very tolerant of different religious beliefs, something still prevalent today.

Following the hardships the city experienced in World War II, the city was slowly rebuilt.


The airfare to the city (coming from the US) will range from 600 to 1200 USD. The average is around 800. The minimum budget required is about 350 Euros a week. This translates to about 50 Euros daily. That is applicable if staying at a hostel. If staying at a hotel, figure on spending 200 Euros a day.

Other Info

Visitors to the city can also go on canal cruises. There are over 50 movie theaters too. You can also watch the Chinese New Year festival in February in Chinatown. Other colorful festivals are Queensday on April 30, the Holland Festival in June and Canal Pride in August.

Amsterdam in Holland is also famous for its bars and clubs. Some of the most popular are the Club 8, Studio 80, Winston Kingdom and the Sugar Factory.