Antalya – Turkey

Antalya – Turkey is the capital city of the Province of Antalya, a province of the country that lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains.


Antalya – Turkey is situated along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, south-west of the country. It is roughly about five hundred and forty-six kilometers off Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

How to Get There

Flying in to Antalya – Turkey is via the airport located right in Antalya. The airport is about ten kilometers off the city center.

Taxis are available from the airport to take your hotel or any other part of the city.

You can also take a bus ride from other parts of Turkey to get to Antalya.

Other means of arriving into the city are via train and ferry rides.

What to See and Do

Visiting Antalya – Turkey, you will be treated to many historical sights as well as a good number of beaches and magnificent landscapes.

The historic hub of the city, Kaleiçi, will take you down winding roads that are surrounded by city walls erected during the early years of the city.

The entry arch of Hadrianus Gate is of notable importance, having been constructed during the reign of Emperor Hadrianus.

Within the historic center are old, traditional houses; and structures depicting Greek influences in architecture.

There are also plenty of churches and mosques, such as the Kesik Minare and the Yivli Minare – one of the very first Islamic structures in Antalya.

Museums include the Kaleiçi Museum, Antalya Museum and Atatürk Museum.

Brief History

Antalya – Turkey was first called Attalia back in 150 BC; owing its name to Pergamon King Attalos II, the city’s founder.

Since the early times, the city has attracted a good number of personalities who played a part in its history; foremost of which as the Apostle Paul as well as Ibn Battuta.

It has likewise attracted people of various religious backgrounds including Jews, Muslims and Christians.


Accommodations around Antalya – Turkey cost about 20 up to 40 Turkish Lira for budget rooms.

For dining out, a full meal will only cost you around 5 up to 10 TL. Popular beverages such as beer are somewhere around 3 up to 5 Turkish Lira.

Taxis from the airport to the city center cost about 38 Turkish Lira.

Other Information

Antalya – Turkey is also popular for their many annual festivals. These include the country’s annual film festival, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival which is held in September; and the Flower Festival held every year in May.