Antseranana in Diana – Madagascar

Antseranana in Diana is quickly becoming one of the top tourist attractions in Madagascar. If you are looking for a new place to explore, this is one worth trying.


The city is at the northern end of Madagascar. Before 1975, the city was known as Diego Suarez.

What to See

The city is best known for its lovely gulf. The beauty of the gulf is matched only by the lush natural scenery. Visitors can go on a tour of its rainforests and watch the wildlife. There are also several lakes around the area.

While Madagascar is progressing rapidly, its lakes and rivers have remained protected. Antseranana in Diana also has several waterfalls. One of the commercial ports of the city used to have a military port.


According to archaeologists, seafarers from Borneo came to the island between 200 BCE and 500 CE. They were followed by many other settlers, resulting in different ethnic groups. Thus there are European, Asian, Chinese, East Arican, Austronesian, and Arab populations. This is evident as the natives today are descendants of these people.

By the European Middle Ages, a dozen ethnic groups had come out. Each of the groups was ruled by a local chieftain. Through trade with Europeans and Arabs, the tribes prospered and became kingdoms.

The 16th century saw piracy become commonplace along its coasts. The Merina and Sakalava kingdoms became very powerful as they traded slaves for European firearms. The Merina kingdom set up close ties with Britain, helping modernize the country.

The 17th century saw Britain and France fight for control of the country through their colonial empires. In 1890, the island became a French protectorate and a colony six years later. In 1960, the country gained independence from France. Madagascar’s First Republic (1960–1972) was set up and patterned after France. Today it is becoming a popular tourist spot.


The Internet is a great place to look for travel tour packages to the country. For instance, you will find tours priced at 1500 to 2,000+ USD available.

Other Info

If you are in the city, you can find some great handicrafts all around. There are many shops, but two of the finest are Patricia Bardu and Moussa Feno.

Apart from Antseranana in Diana, there are other tourist attractions in Madagascar. These include Antananarivo, which has botanical and zoological gardens. If you are going to visit Madagascar, you can also visit Mantasoa, Amperfy and Northern Mountains.