Appenzellerland – Switzerland

Are you dreaming of a relaxing holiday decorated with crystal-clear springs and lakes, picturesque valleys and rock formations plus friendly villagers? Appenzellerland in Switzerland is a good choice of a destination for you.

Location and How to Get There

Appenzellerland is situated on the eastern side of Switzerland. It is accessible from Zurich via the Swiss railway network. There are also backcountry lanes leading to this Alpine region so you should not find it hard to find your way around. It is a short 15-minute travel from St. Gallen.

What to See There

A trip to Appenzellerland is all about understanding a folksy culture and undertaking an exciting adventure.

Among the urbanites, Appenzellerland is merely the epitome of folksy culture and traditions. Although they mock the region for it, tourists loved it there. That’s where you should take your cue. This is where you will be able to witness and experience country living at its finest. The laid back atmosphere allows for relaxing moments with some little adventures here and there. This is where you will discover a wealth of tradition that involves cheese-making, music, and painting.

There are many wonderful sights to see at Appenzellerland – the snowy peaks, the rolling hills, and the flowery meadows. Taking the cable car route is a nice way to enjoy stunning views of the rugged mountains and everything else in them.


Appenzellerland was founded in the middle of 11th century. In early 1400s, it joined the Swiss Confederation. In 1597, it was divided into two half cantons due to some religious issues. But for the purpose of tourism, the half cantons were collectively known as Appenzellerland.

The region went through so much before it came to the kind of government that it is now. That much history is very clearly seen everywhere, with the traditional culture and crafts fantastically preserved.


The cost of a trip to Appenzellerland depends on many factors. For one, there’s your accommodation. There are a variety of lodging options that can be found here. For another, there’s the kind of activities you would like to indulge into. Taking a cable car, for example, demands a fee. There is of course, an allowance required for food. Appenzellerland has many delectable culinary dishes that are all must-try. You should allot a good budget for a food adventure while you are there.

Other info

There are various old traditions that you can witness at Appenzellerland. There’s Stobede, which is decorated with yodeling, dancing, and lots of Alpine merrymaking and string music.