Ardennes – Belgium

If you happen to be in Belgium and want to stay away from the busy city life, Ardennes is a nice choice of a destination.

Location and How to Get There

Ardennes is a region that extends from Belgium to a part of France. It is a region on the south east of Belgium that is characterized of sprawling forests and rolling hills, great for a close-to-nature adventure. Transportation is easily accessible so foreign and local tourists alike will have no difficulty reaching the paradise.

What to See There

Ardennes is like a paradise for nature-lovers. It is very rich in wildlife with many rivers, streams, hills, forests, grasslands, and meadows. A walking day tour is most ideal if you like to discover all the wonderful things that the region has to offer.

You may take a route that runs through oak and beech forests, cross the towns with castles and basilicas and chateaus, and marvel about the great rivers. You may also take a walking tour that will introduce you to charming landscapes, forests, hills, valleys, and streams.

No matter which way you choose to explore Ardennes, you will surely love the experience and would not think twice about doing it over again.


Ardennes plays a huge role in battle history of Belgium. It figured in different battles including the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, the Battle of the Ardennes during World War I, and the Battle of France and the Battle of Bulge during World War II.


There are package holidays that you can avail of when you travel to Ardennes. That usually includes accommodation and private touring costs. The amount you should allot for a tour of the Ardennes region depends on how long you would like to stay, which places you want to be, and what activities you like to indulge in.

Activities like canoeing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking all come with a fee.

Other Info

Accommodation rates at Ardennes are wide and varied. They are intended to fit every kind of budget. Whether you are traveling on a shoestring or traveling on luxury, you will surely find suitable accommodation facilities here.

Also, aside from the greenery, there are castles and forts and citadels that you may explore once you are in the region. Ardennes definitely has a lot to offer. That’s why it is the choice destination for those who are looking for a getaway. It will keep you in touch with nature as well as the ancient traditions and folklore.