Ayers Rock in Uluru – Australia

Ayers Rock in Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Australia and draws thousands of visitors.

How to Get There

The famous rock is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is in the Australian Northern Territory.

Beginning in Alice Springs, go to Stuart Highway (87) South to Erldunda Roadhouse. Make a right turn to Lasseter Highway. South is Coober Pedy town. You can also reach Stuart Highway there. Tour companies are also available in Alice Springs. You can use these bus tours to get to the park.

There are also car services for hire. Note that there are no scheduled bus services; only the bus tours are available. You can also fly in to Alice Springs and begin the tour with a rented vehicle.

What to See

The main attraction in Ayers Rock in Uluru Park is the domed rock. It is also called a monolithic stone (or boulder). The rock rises 5 km from the plains below it. Its surface measures 3.6 x 2.4 km. The height of the rock is 348 m over the plain. It is about 860 m above sea level. The circumference is 9.4 km.

One of the most striking things about the monolith is the color changes it undergoes. Its hue is typically terracotta. During sunset, it changes to violet or blue. Watching it at sunrise, you will see the color change to a fiery red.

The Kata Tjuta is another tourist attraction in the park. It is comprised of 36 rock domes. It lies 35 km west of Uluru.


Archaeologists are not sure of its age. But the locals say the rock has been there for over ten thousand years. As far back as 1872, explorers were already commenting on the impressive rock.

In 1873, William Gosse was the first to actually reach the boulder. He named it after Chief Secretary of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. The Anangu people call it Uluru.


Tour fees vary depending on the extent of the tour. If the tour covers Kata Tjuta, Uluru and the park, the charges will range from $40 to $150. There are also 3 to 5 day tours of the site. The cost will be U$155 or AU$170. However, this usually does not include the fee to the park.

There are many tours for Ayers Rock in Uluru. Make sure you study all the options before paying for any package.