Azumini Blue River in Akwa Ibom State – Nigeria

The Azumini Blue River is one of the most interesting places in Nigeria. It isn’t a very well known tourist spot, but it is something you will want to visit.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The river is situated in Azumini in the Akwa Ibom State. It is to the south of Ava about 15 miles away. To its north is the Akanu village. The Umuogo village is to its west. Across it is the river. Annags is to the south and east.

What to See There

The river is pleasing to the eye, surrounded by lush greens and cool waters. Part of the river heads into the rapids, where it becomes known as the blue river. Nature lovers will love the breathtaking scenery.

Tourists can have picnics and leisurely strolls along the Azumini Blue River. It is also a good place to watch water birds. You’ll see these creatures swoop to the river and get their meal. You

will also have the opportunity to go canoeing.


Archeologists who have studied the area have determined it is 15 m above sea level. Although flat, the river has kept it well drained. The river valleys are steep with 1 in 20 gradients. The river has three major stretches: they are mini obuaku, mini ogigo and Aba to samanga.

Unspoiled by man, the waters have remained crystal clear. The waters are in fact so clear you can see the fish from the bridge.
Recent research shows that the gravel and sand in the river are exceptionally bright and clear. That is why they are now being used as raw materials in various industries.


This will depend on where you are coming from. If you are flying in from a country like Switzerland, one way tickets cost $1000. A round trip ticket costs $1,200 or more. But you need to need to check with the airlines first.

Other Info

Not far from the area are some sandy beaches where you can relax. Organized tours to the site give you the chance to enjoy grilled BBQs while enjoying the views. If you dive into the waters, you will
see plenty of fish.

You can visit the Azumini Blue River anytime. You don’t have to pay a fee and it is easy to find. To get a view of the animals, it is best to go there before the rainy season starts.