Bab Al Bahrain in Manama – Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain in Manama is one of the biggest attractions in the region. Several landmarks have emerged in Bahrain, but this remains one of the finest sites.

Location and How to Get There

The monument can be found at the Customs Square. This is at the old central business district of Manama. It is the main entry point for the Manama souq. Manama is the nation’s capital and all roads head to that area.

What to See

From the site, it is only a ten minute walk to the sea. From this vantage point one can enjoy the views of the skies as well. In 1986, the monument was renovated to make it look more Islamic. The first floor contains a handicraft shop and a tourist information office.

The Bab Al Bahrain in Manama is comprised of a large arch. There is a road below it. It is this road that is known as the entryway to the Manama Souq.


The monument was designed by Sir Charles Belgrave, who was an adviser for the Emir. The monument was finished in 1945. Over the years, the site would become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Middle East. The monument used to be close to the edge of the water.


The taxi fares begin at ($2.65) BD 1.000. For every additional kilometer, the rate is 0.150 Fils. Most of the time however, the meter is ignored by the driver or “broken”. Always negotiate the price before getting in.

In Manama, the acceptable rate is between 3 to 5 Dinars. If you are coming in from the airport, only board London style taxis or those colored white with a red roof. There are also privately owned taxis, but they are more expensive. Car rental services are available for 10 to 20 dinars a day.

Other Info

The reason why the monument is no longer close to the sea is due to extensive land reclamation projects. The reclaimed land is the spot for the highway heading to Saudi Arabia. Government Avenue, which is by the monument, is also located on the reclaimed land. Several banks and commercial buildings are located here. The Bahrain Financial harbor is also being set on these reclaimed areas.

When visiting Bab Al Bahrain in Manama or places where locals are located, put on long trousers. Women must not wear revealing or see-through clothing. But you can put on swimwear, bikinis and shorts in beaches.