Bagan in Mandalay Division – Burma

The tourist attractions at Bagan are diverse, offering plenty for the prospective tourist to see and enjoy. If you have never been to this area, you are missing out on one of the most scenic spots in Burma.


The area is situated in the Central region of Burma. There are flights to the area from Yangon Airways. From there you can reach the area by car. You can also reach the place via overnight trains from Yangon.

What to See

The Ananda temple is a must-see. It is the holiest shrine in the area and visited by many pilgrims and tourists. The complex was built in 1091. The main features are the four Buddhas oriented towards the cardinal points.

Hiking trails form part of the tourist attractions at Bagan. You can walk around on foot or rent a bike. You can also drop by the nearby village and mingle with the locals.

There are several places where you can savor different dishes. One of them is Mahar Bagan which specializes in Chinese cuisine.


The area became a power during the 9th century, led by their king Anawratha. Its power was so great that during one point, over 12,000 stupas and temples were built in central Burma. The peace was eventually shattered in 1287 when the Mongols came and conquered the area.

Of these shrines and temples, about 2,000 are still remaining. Ananda is one of the best preserved, but a few others are in a state of disrepair.

Even though the temples are old, the ancient practices are still followed. Anyone who wishes to visit the temple must remove their shoes.


At the airport you can buy a ticket (10 USD) good for up to the duration of your stay. Domestic flight tickets to the area cost 65 USD. The train fares depend on the class. The cheapest cost only a few dollars. The most expensive will set you back 50 USD. You can rent the bikes from hotels. They will cost at least 1000 kyat daily.

Other Info

A more traditional way of going around is by renting a horse-cart. This will allow you to tour the area and see all the temples. The driver can tour you around or you can specify the directions.

Shopping is another one of the tourist attractions at Bagan. You can buy all sorts of stuff ranging from handicrafts, T-shirts and and paintings.