Bago in Burma

There are several tourist attractions at Bago Burma, which is why there are now many people who go there. While Yangon is the place where Myanmars tourists often visit, this city actually has several places worth checking out.


The city is located some 80 km (50 miles) from Yangon. If coming from Yangon, ride a bus or taxi. The bus can be found at the Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal. You can also take the train.

What to See

The city has many interesting sites that you can visit. It is a center of culture, crafts and history. Some of the biggest tourist attractions at Bago Burma are the Siri Wira Makamee Hindu Temple, the Reclinning Buddha Image and the Shwemawdaw Pagoda. There is also the Shwegugyi Shwegulay Pagoda, Kanbawzathardi Palace and the Kalyani Thein Ordination Hall.

You will also want to visit the Hinthargone Pagoda, the Gyarmay Mosque and many more. There are also several shops where you can buy souvenir items. You can also purchase mural paintings, handicrafts and many more. Many of these items are sold at reasonable prices.


The earliest records pertaining to the city date from 850 AD. It was mentioned by the Arab geographer Ibn Khudadhbin. It was in 1056 when the city and area fell to Burma. During the period 1369-1539, Hanthawaddy (as the city was known then) was the center of power of the Kingdom of Mon.

It fell to Burma again in 1539. It would become the capital of the Taungoo kingdom from 1539–1599. The British would claim the city in 1852 after the Anglo-Burmese War. Ten years later British Burma was created. In 1911 Hanthawaddy was declared a district of the city. Today it has a population of approximately 220,000.


Coming from Yangon, the taxi fares will cost 40 to 50 USD. The train fare will be 4 USD. A standard seat will only cost 2 USD.

Other Info

Of the attractions in the city, the Shwemawdaw Pagoda is one of the most famous. It is the highest in the country and over 115 meters long. Also worth visiting is the Gyarmay Mosque. At 300 years old, it is one of the oldest in Burma.

The Hinthargone Pagoda is another one of the major tourist attractions at Bago Burma. The splendid shrine represents the city. Another site that you can visit is the Kanbawzathardi Palace. Historians believe that it was where the old Burmese emperor held court.