Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania

Traveling to Romania usually means enjoying its ski resorts and hiking up its mountains but there’s more to this country than just these two most common reasons for visiting.

If you head down to Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania, you will be in for a truly relaxing and soothing experience as this is a spa resort in the country whose natural spring waters have been known to have curative effects on the body.


Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania is located close to the commune of Sânmartin which is situated in Bihor County. It is approximately eight kilometers off the southern section of Oradea also in Bihor County and twenty-two kilometers off the southeastern border checkpoint of Bor?.

Getting There

You can reach the spa resort village of Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania via train or bus services. These are two of the most common forms of public transport for getting in and around Transylvania and these have trans-city routes that can take you to your destination.

What to See and Do

For travelers looking to experience the soothing effects of natural spring waters, Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania is the perfect spot for a holiday in the country.

Usually, the hotels within the spa resort have pools whose waters are supplied by the natural springs in the area. This means that your choice of accommodations can provide you with the facilities to enjoy the soothing, relaxing and curative waters of the natural springs in the village.

It is said that the thermal waters of the springs have curative effects that can relieve rheumatism, gynecological medical conditions, neurological disorders, post-traumatic disorders and endocrine conditions.

For these reasons, the spa resort is widely visited by tourists throughout the year.

Once you have had your fill of the thermal waters, you can also check out other tourist sights close to the area. There are several historical churches in Baile Felix and there is also a pool that provides artificial waves that you may want to check out while visiting here.

Brief History

Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania spa resort has mineral springs with temperatures ranging between 20 and 48 degrees Celsius. The waters are abundant in bicarbonate, sulfur, sodium, silicum and calcium which all contribute to the therapeutic and curative effects of the mineral springs.

The first establishment in the spa resort town was constructed in the year 1744. In the year 1771, the mineral spring pool was constructed out of wood but was later replaced by stone which also entailed construction of bath cabins.

By the year 1885, the main mineral spring was renovated and improved which in turn contributed to the full development of this spa resort town.


Accommodations in hotels with access to the mineral springs usually cost about €28 per person. Some spa hotels cost about US$100 for rooms and also inclusive of the use of their mineral spring facilities.

On the other hand, if you would simply want to use the hotel’s thermal pool, the usual cost to gain access to the pool is about US$10.

Other Information

If you wish to get full spa treatments at Baile Felix in Transylvania – Romania, there are also facilities for massages, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy; in which case, sessions are administered by licensed therapists.