Balboa Park – El Salvador

Visiting El Salvador, you will be treated to many historical sights that played a huge part in the country’s political, cultural, religious and economic past. There are likewise excellent beaches and parks suitable for the whole family.

Among these parks is Balboa Park – El Salvador. This is actually one of the most popular parks in the country because of its facilities for outdoor recreational activities as well as its close distance to the centre of the country’s capital city of San Salvador.


Balboa Park – El Salvador is located approximately twelve kilometers off the downtown area of San Salvador.

Getting There

To reach Balboa Park – El Salvador, you can take a bus from Avenida 29 de Agosto or Calle Poniente. If you are getting a bus from Mil Cumbres Avenida 29 de Agosto, take bus 12; and if you are getting a bus from Calle Poniente, take bus 12a.

What to See and Do

Balboa Park – El Salvador is the ideal spot to visit if you are traveling to El Salvador with kids. The park offers visitors the perfect spot for a bit of rest and relaxation amidst beautiful flowers and plants and lush greenery.

It also provides excellent facilities for skating, cycling and playing soccer.

You can also simply sit on the grass and watch birds flying by or staying atop the trees. Catching sight of rabbits and sloths is definitely one of the highlights of your visit.

For refreshments, there are coffee shops within the park’s premises so you don’t have to go far to have a bit of snack.

Another interesting aspect of the park is it gives visitors an excellent view of the Devil’s Doorway locally known as La Puerta del Diablo, a magnificent rock formation.

Brief History

Balboa Park – El Salvador was officially opened for public visits in the year 1949. It stands at 1070 meters above sea level and offers magnificent views of rock formations as well as coffee plantations in the surrounding areas.

Monuments were placed in strategic locations around the park to impart a bit of look into the country’s cultural heritage.


There is no admission fee to visit Balboa Park – El Salvador. Accommodations are quite affordable in San Salvador. There are several hotels and guest houses close to the park and rooms range from USD 12 to USD 40 for private rooms, per person; per night.

For shared rooms, usually in the form of dormitories, these generally cost around USD 6 up to USD 10 per person, per night.

Other Information

There are several retail stores in town where you can shop. Some of these are part of popular retail chains in the United States.