Balls – Austria

Austria has a season for Balls. It is part of the country’s culture since time immemorial. In fact, the country has been quite famous for its vibrant ball culture. A lot of tourists get ready to take the trip when the ball season is happening because it gives a very good glimpse of the Austrian culture in general.

Location and How to Get There

The Balls during the Balls season is held in many different parts of the country. But if you do not like complicated transportation options, you can go straight to the capital Vienna and take advantage of the big event happening there. If you want a little adventure, you may go to other towns where this kind of social gathering is happening. There’s Salzburg, Graz, and Innsbruck for your options.

To get to Vienna is quite easy even for foreign travelers because it is the center of activities in the country. Transportation is highly efficient whether you are merely getting in or getting around. In case of other cities or towns where Balls are also being held, you may check with your travel agent for your transport options.

What to See There

The major attraction of Balls in Austria is the festive mood, the merriment that people who gather for the event radiate. It is also the best way to experience Austrian culture and tradition as this has been deeply rooted to the country’s history.

Don’t worry because you have lots of opportunities to experience the Balls. About a thousand Balls are held in Austria annually. It is quite significant in their economy; it is one of the country’s money-making opportunities. To know where to go and when, you should have an overview of the Balls schedules for every season.


As mentioned earlier, Balls in Austria is deeply rooted in the country’s history. It is not clear how it started. What’s for sure is that it is a cultural tradition that does not seem like going away anytime soon.


Attending an Austrian Ball could be anywhere from affordable to expensive. There is naturally an entrance fee to get into a Ball. Add to that is the cost for your make-up and ‘do, your dress, your shoes, your transport, your food and drinks, and, of course, your dance lessons.

It is common for someone attending a Ball to spend about 205 Euros for everything

Other Info

Dress codes in Balls differ, according to the type of Ball you are attending. Mostly, formal wear is a requirement. There are other Balls, however, that will allow you to come over with a mask or a costume as with informal Balls.