Bandiagara in Malian – Mali

Bandiagara in Mali is one of the up and coming tourist spots in the country. For people who want to see something unique, this is one city you may want to drop by in.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The city is located in Dogon Country. It is 63 km on the Sevare crossroads (east). There are several buses that go to and from the city. The city is actually close to Sevare and Mopti.

If you want to go to Bamako, you must look for the buses that arrive on market day. You can also drive to the area in a car. Due to its size, the drive is pretty easy and straight.

What to See There

Driving in your car gives you the opportunity to see the villages in and around Bandiagara in Mali. When in the city, you may walk around it. One of the finest attractions in the city is the administrative building.

The cliff nearby is a UNESCO site and worth visiting. The various buildings and historical edifices are also quite interesting. The site also serves as the entryway Dogon.


According to several accounts, the city was established by the Dogon hunter Nangabanu Tembely in 1770. In 1864, Tidiani Tall declared the city as the capital of the Toucouleur Empire.

The site is also well known for being the birthplace of Amadou Hampate, the famous author. The name means “large eating bowl”. This is in reference to the bowl used to serve food here. Today the area is home to diverse ethnic groups. The major groups are the Malinke, Bambaras, Dogons and Fulas.


Food expenses come to about 3,500 CFA in the city. Local transport fees come to 325.00 CFA. If you want an all-inclusive cruise or tour, the cost will be 20,000 CFA.

Other Info

From the city, you can easily go to Dogon Country. You can also check out Mopti; the Old town is a fascinating site. Sevare is known for the large number of hotels in the area.

First time visitors should keep in mind that drivers and guides are not widespread. It is best to prepare yourself before going to the site.

If you plan on staying in Bandiagara in Mali for a while, you may stay in La Falasie. If the weather is cool enough, you can just turn off the AC and use the fan. It is cheaper.