Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile

Iquique is visited by travelers from all around the world because of its beach resorts and its “duty free zone” known as Zofri.

Those who have been here however, come back not only for its modern, world – class resort hotels but also because of its charming old quarter where you can find Baquedano Street.


Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile is located within the old part of the city off the southern parts of the city center.

Getting There

It is relatively easy to reach Iquique as there are several bus routes from different cities in the country that go directly into the city. There is also an airport in Iquique that services flights from around the country.

Once you get into town, it is very easy to walk around and explore the sights. You can walk from the city center to Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile in less than an hour.

On the other hand, if you wish to ride, you can take a bus that go to the plaza all the way to Baquedano Street.

What to See and Do

The cobblestone paths of Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile will take you back in time – during the earlier days of the city. The cobblestone street however is not the only feature that gives it its old world charm.

Lining the street are Georgian – style buildings and mansions that have been preserved over time, which definitely add to the historic ambience of the street.

These buildings now serve as museums, restaurants and even hotels. Having turned the buildings into establishments that cater to both locals and tourists make Baquedano Street a top destination for travelers visiting Chile.

There are wooden paths alongside the street and you may just catch one of the electric street cars passing through these wooden paths. In addition, you may also catch one of the special events that take place right on the street such as music concerts, theatrical plays and dance concerts.

Brief History

Most of the structures around Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile were constructed between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

To preserve the historical buildings as well as the entire length of the street, it was declared as a “Typical Zone.”

What this means is that the structures, cobblestone street and everything else around Calle Baquedano cannot be altered in any way, much less demolished, without prior consent by the government.

Georgian and Greek Revival architectural styles were used to design the structures lining the street. Most of the structures were made out of imported pine wood.


There is no fee to enter Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile. Dining in the restaurants and coffee shops here typically cost about 5,000 Chilean pesos.

Accommodations range from 5,500 up to 8,000 Chilean pesos per night.

Other Information

At one end of Baquedano Street in Iquique – Chile, you can find the Prat Square. Here, you can see the old clock tower and the Municipal Theater which now houses ethic artifacts.