Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia

Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia is a major wine region in the country and one of the most favorite destinations of both locals and tourists south of Australia.


Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia is located sixty kilometers off the northeastern parts of Adelaide.

Getting There

Getting to Barossa Valley is relatively easy as there are major routes that will take you straight to the valley. You can travel into the region be either your own private car hire service or bus.

If you will be driving your own car, you can take the Main North Road through Sturt Highway which will then lead you to Gawler and eventually to Barossa Valley Way.

Buses regularly ply the route going to Barossa Valley Way straight from Adelaide.

What to See and Do

Since Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia is a wine region, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting some of the wineries within the area.

Most of the wines coming from this region are recognized worldwide as some of the best wines all across the globe so you shouldn’t also miss out on free wine tasting in some of these wineries.

Owners allow guests to tour the vineyards and visit the cellars which make your trip to the wine region all the more interesting.

There are likewise several festivities that you can witness while touring Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia. The most popular festival here is the Vintage Festival where local wine producers showcase their best wines.

While in the region, take the opportunity to visit Barossa’s famous Farmer’s Market where you can sample and purchase some of the local produce here.

Brief History

Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia is named after the Barossa Ranges, whose name in turn was designated by Colonel William Light back in 1837. The Colonel named the valley as such in honor of the Battle of Barrosa where he fought in way back in the year 1811.

When the Colonel registered the name, Barrosa was misspelled as Barossa, hence; the valley became officially known as Barossa instead of Barrosa.


Bus rides to Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia are approximately about A$20. Wineries open for visitors usually do not charge entry fees.

Accommodations on the other hand range from A$75 up to A$405 per room, per night depending on whether or not you will be staying three-star and four-star hotels.

Other Information

If you will be driving to Barossa Valley in Adelaide – Australia, make sure that you are knowledgeable about Australia’s driving rules and are adept at right-hand driving as this is the driving standard in the country.