Barseat Temple in Battambang – Cambodia

Cambodia is famous among tourists who love discovering historical things about a place they have been to. That’s because the country has been blessed with old artifacts that you will love looking over not just for their value in historical past but also for their mere beauty.

The Barseat Temple in Battambang, Cambodia is one of those sites that will give you the best taste of the country in one sitting.

Location and How to Get There

The Barseat Temple is situated on a hill at the Ba Set Village located in the province of Battambang, which is in the northwestern part of Cambodia and which is quite near to the Thai border. As such, the Battambang province is considered an important link to Cambodia and Thailand.

To get to Battambang province, you can either take a bus or a taxi. About four to six hours of road travel is all you need to get to Battambang. Then you can commission another taxi and take on another 15 kilometer drive to get exactly to where the Barseat Temple is.

What to See

The Barseat Temple is being flocked by tourists mainly due to its ancient beauty. Its architecture is fantastic; the whole structure is worth enough the travel.

Aside from the temple, there is a pond where you can have a picnic while enjoying the picturesque scene.

Traveling to the Barseat Temple is truly worth it because there are lots of things you can enjoy and do. This is a wonderful place to explore and have exciting adventures in.


The Barseat Temple was constructed earlier than the Banteay Chhmar Temple of the Banteay Meanchey province. It was built in 11th century, during the reign of King Soriyak Varman I.


As with other Cambodian temples, entering the Barseat Temple will cost you about USD5. That will give you the ticket to explore the wonderful structure as well as the neighboring scenic sites like the 20-meter pond.

Other Info

Aside from touring the Barseat Temple, there are many things you can do in Battambang. Its capital city Battambang is a nice hub for exciting adventures like eating, drinking, shopping, and even kayaking.

There are many sightseeing spots that can be found in Battambang province and all of them are worth a visit. The Sangker River provides the tranquil beauty that will keep you relaxed and well rested. The Phnom Sam Puoy Resort gives out a natural beauty like no other with views of the mountains and wells and whatnots.