Barton Creek – Belize

Barton Creek is one of the more exciting sights to see in Belize. It is considered one of the largest creeks in the world, which has about 4.5 miles stretch.

Location and How to Get There

A trip to the Barton Creek usually involves a tour package as offered by many travel agents in the country.

Barton Creek is located deep along the Chiquibil Road in Cayo District, which is near the town of San Ignacio. It is in the western part of Belize. To get there, you need to take a road trip that will last for about two hours along the Western Highway.

From the mouth of the cave, you will have to canoe about a mile before you get to the stopping point.

What to See There

The Barton Creek is a sight to behold for every kind of exploring tourists. It presents a unique experience that you will never ever forget in this lifetime.

The trip will be more memorable if you get into the cave where you will experience the stalactites closely. Plus, there’s the bonus of getting a good glimpse of the Mayan past that the cave said to keep. It is said that the Barton Cave is used by Mayans for their ritual ceremonies. As such, you will find cultural artifacts inside. That’s on top of the colorful formations that you will never dare to miss.


The Barton Creek is a natural tourist spot that was used by Maya communities from centuries before. It is mostly the site for their rituals. Today, it is an important travel site that tourists flock all year round.


Traveling to Barton Creek and exploring the Barton Cave can be quite costly. It can cost you about $100 all in all. But all those dollars are put into good use as a portion of it goes to the Belize government. Also part of your cost is the tour guide fee, the charges for canoe and the lights, and of course, the entrance fee.

Other Info

The trip to the Barton Creek as well as the Barton Cave is an exciting journey on its own. During the dry season, you can easily explore the Barton Creek in all of its 4.5 miles beauty. When water levels are high, however, you only have about one to two miles to explore, which is not bad to say the least. To accompany you in your adventure, you have to be armed with powerful lanterns so you get to appreciate the colorful formations inside the cave.