Baska in Krk Island – Croatia

The tourist attractions at Baska in Krk Island are among the best you will see in Croatia. The city is best known for its stone monuments, but there are several other attractions nearby.


The city is situated to the southeast of Krk island in a valley. Take the Kirk Bridge and follow the signs that will take you to the town. Baska is about 45 km away from the bridge.

What to See

The city is best known for the inscribed stone monument. This dates from the year 1100. Aside from the monument, the place is also known for its pebbly beaches, which are unique. This is one of the best known tourist destinations in the area. It is a great place to go swimming and diving.

Another one of the tourist attractions at Baska are the archaeological sites. These sites contain Christian relics dating from the 5th century. Two of the biggest discoveries here are the monastery of St. Lucy and the Baska Tablet. There are also more than a dozen hiking trails you can enjoy. These total over 80 kilometers and offer great views of the place.


The city is best known as a resort town targeted at tourists. Through the years, archaeologists have been drawn to the site due to its rich history and culture. Today there are many high end sports facilities in the area.

The advent of tourists have also resulted in the appearance of several hotels, restaurants and other facilities in the area. In spite of this, the city has managed to retain its natural splendor. The trails have remained intact and still command great views. Different types of wildlife can still be seen in the area.


The cost of the hotels vary. Some have rates of 177 Euros per day, while others are cheaper. It all depends on what type of accommodations you are looking for. It is a good idea to search on the Web. Many sites offer travel packages that include guides, accommodations and other amenities.

Other Info

Apart from the attractions mentioned above, there are also several chapels and the churches. There is also a museum that contains information about the city. Aside from the history, info about the artifacts will be learned there.

The beaches are definitely among the main tourist attractions at Baska though. There are 30 pebble beaches and you can reach them by walking. Aside from the beaches, the coastline and landscape are also well known.