Basse Santa Su – Gambia

The town of Basse Santa Su in Gambia has many sightseeing spots and activities for the visiting tourist. While it may not be as well known as the other tourist spots, there are actually many interesting places to see.


The town is found in the Upper River Region. It is 750 km from Banjul. To reach the town from Banjul, board the ferry going to Barra. A shared bush taxi will take 8 hours. When you get to Georgetown, you then make a one hour trip. There are a couple of ferry services to the north of town.

What to See

The old houses in the town are very popular among visitors. Aside from the historical landmarks, you can visit the museum and get more information. Many of the river cruises are available for you to try. The town is known for its lush scenery. There are several places in Basse Santa Su where you can go birdwatching. The river bank is a good place to see the birds.

As Thursday is market day, you will find many stalls and shops in the streets. You can check out the local villages where lumo (market) is held weekly. You can expect to see a lot of traders from all over the country going there. Most of the activity takes place in the market and waterfront.


The oldest accounts of Gambia come from 10th century Arabs. The trans-Saharan trade was conducted in the area. The country reached its peak under the Mandinka ruler Mansa Kankan Musa.

The 13th century saw the Songhai Empire taking over the country. The prosperity of the country ended in the 16th century due to looting by the Portuguese. When the empire collapsed, it was taken over by Portugal. The land was eventually sold to Britain in the 1600s.


The bush taxi rides will cost D195 per individual.

Tours to the country have different prices. Some may cost 32 Pounds a day. However, the expenses will ultimately depend on where you are going and the trip duration.

Other Info

The town is a big trading center, so expect some lively activity here. It is also a cultural melting pot. You can expect to hear French, Arabic, English and many other languages being spoken.

Basse Santa Su is famous for its historical architecture. There are many old warehouses. You can also drop by the bookshop and cultural center. There is also an establishment where you can watch local artists at work.