Bastakia Quarter in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Do you like reminiscing about the past? Or you like an old appeal of a modern place as your place for a relaxing getaway.

If you answered yes to both, we have one destination suggestion ready: the Bastakia Quarter in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Location and How to Get There

The Bastakia Quarter is basically an old town located near the Al Seef and Al Faheidi Roads. To get there, you need to use the available public transport, which is efficient, by the way.

What to See There

The Bastakia Quarter is an important part of Dubai’s past. So expect to see a lot of significant structures and architectures that will allow you to look back and possibly have a good glimpse of the region’s heritage.

Sightseeing is the top activity among tourists that come over Bastakia Quarter. The old buildings, which were converted into museums, are a sight to behold. Although they have that old appeal, you cannot say that those buildings are exactly old. They have been reconstructed but the architectural features have been preserved for the future generation.

The Bastakia Quarter is overall an alluring neighborhood featuring wind towers, gypsum woodwork, elegant decorations, funky art galleries, and hip cafes. It is a cross between the old and the new, the ancient and the modern. Once you step in, you will have a hard time recognizing, which is which.


The Bastakia Quarter had been up since the 1900s. The eastern section along the creek is the place occupied by the neighborhood. With its look and appeal, it presents an important representation of old town Dubai’s historical and architectural past. Although some structures have been changed, the makers ensured to leave an imprint of the town’s cultural heritage so it becomes the site for a refreshing cultural trip that it is now.


To get around the Bastakia Quarter, you will need a walking tour guide. He will be the one to facilitate your travel, making sure that you touch base with every important spot within the Bastakia Quarter. The amount you will have to pay your guide depends on where you actually hired him. Some promo tours are made available to ensure that an exploration of the Bastakia Quarter is not heavy on the budget.

Other Info

The Bastakia Quarter is quite near some of the most interesting tourist destinations in Dubai including the Dubai Museum, the Dubai Grand Mosque, and the Baniyas Souq. The trip is sure worth it because there are lots of other sites to see while you are in the area.