Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia

A visit to Carthage in Tunisia almost always entails viewing the magnificent ruins and relics from the Punic and Roman eras. The ruins of the Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia are the most popular historical site in the city.


The Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia are situated along the coast off the northeastern section of the ancient city of Carthage.

Getting There

To reach the Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia, you can take a train from Tunis going towards Carthage-Hannibal. The station is close to the site where the ancient ruins are located.

You can also take a taxi to get to the site if you prefer a more comfortable means of getting around town.

What to See and Do

The Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia, although already in ruins and not much of the original baths can be seen; what little remain of these are enough to give you a glimpse of the grandiosity of these Roman baths.

From its sheer size, one can just imagine the painstaking labor that went into constructing it. The upper section of the baths slowly deteriorated over time, hence; what you can see of the ruins is just the basement area.

You can see the remains of what was once the furnace, the storage room for keeping wood piles and the pipes of earthenware make are also still quite identifiable.

On occasion, you may also come across carved masonry.

From the site, you can have sweeping views of the coastline – a much-appreciated addition to visiting the ruins.

Brief History

The Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia otherwise known as the Antonine Baths, were constructed somewhere between 146 and 162 AD. Construction began under Emperor Hadrian and was completed during the reign of Antoninus Pius.

With the baths’ close proximity to the coast line, the lay-out incorporated this feature into the design of the baths. An open-air swimming pool was built facing the sea complete with a sun deck.

There also used to be a staircase that led out into the sea.

There were separate bathing facilities for men and women; and there were also the warm rooms, hot rooms and the cold rooms.

Apart from the open-air swimming pool, there were also pools constructed indoors, the sizes of which vary but it is said that the largest of these is comparable to today’s Olympic-size swimming pool.


The cost to visit the ruins of the ancient Baths of Antoninus Pius in Carthage – Tunisia is 5 TD. An additional 1 TD will be charged for taking pictures.

Other Information

When visiting the ruins, it is recommended that you bring an umbrella to protect you from the sweltering heat of the sun. You may also want to bring bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.