Bay of Acul – Haiti

Haiti is well known for its tremendous water and everything else surrounding it. If you want to experience what this Caribbean island is all about, you should never miss a trip to the Bay of Acul.

Location and How to Get There

The Bay of Acul is one of the most tremendous tourist sites located on the west coast of Haiti. It is far away from the city limits that will easily provide the tranquility and serenity that you might need to recover from the hectic lifestyle that you have.

To get to Bay of Acul, you usually need to take a cruise that includes a number of other aquatic wonders of Haiti – Labadee Island and Amiga Island to name a few.

What to See There

The Bay of Acul is one of the major tourist destinations in Haiti. It offers stunning beauty asset against the deep blue waters of the sea. The reefs of Bay of Acul are something that you should not miss checking out because of the wonderful coral formations that you will be treated with.


It was in history books that the Bay of Acul is personally chosen by Christopher Columbus as a dwelling place during his first voyage. That is because the place provides natural protection from the weather as well as countless anchorage possibilities.

In modern-day Haiti, Bay of Acul is a tourist destination where large number of people flock throughout the year. As a natural wonder, it is not as difficult for people to discover the beauty that can be seen in the bay, including its famous reefs.


Traveling to Bay of Acul does not cost anything except for transportation and accommodation charges. If you want a real retreat, it is ideal that you stay at the bay for a couple of days to really enjoy the wonderful scenery and the great feel that it offers. That includes a number of activities that you can enjoy at the nearby beaches and islands.

Other Info

The Bay of Acul is noted for its amazing location. It offers wonderful protection against all types of weather. It has natural shields against storms so you can enjoy your favorite water activities all year round.

To experience the best of Haiti, it is advisable that you experience the Bay of Acul at its finest and its nearby beaches and islands. Check into a nearby inn and savor the moment of your recreation while having a taste of the way of life of the locals.