Bayan Zag in Gobi – Mongolia

There are so many interesting things about the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Bayan Zag or the Flaming Cliff is one of them.

Location and How to Get There

Bayan Zag is best experienced in July when the famous Nadaam Festival also occurs. The erosion created on the ragged rocks from a reddish sediment is an enriching sight that can be enjoyed in the morning or evening sun, given that the weather is pleasant.

To see the Bayan Zag, you will have to travel to Gobi Desert. It is very accessible, especially via private transfer. Most travel agencies arrange for pick-up and drop-off. If you have the energy, you ca even take on a cruise via a 4×4 vehicle to see not just Bayan Zag but the rest of Gobi.

What to See There

Basically, Bayan Zag is a sightseeing destination where one can appreciate the beauty of the flaming cliffs as a spectacular adventure on its own. To have that opportunity to see the amazement that is the Gobi Desert is quite valuable.


It was in 1923 when Roy Chapman Andrews found the first dinosaur eggs in Gobi, specifically in the sediments of Bayan Zag. There are even skeletons of dinosaurs that were excavated all over the place. This kind of finding strengthened the impression that Bayan Zag and the Gobi Desert in general, had been enjoying settlers since the Stone Ages.


The main cost to incur if you decide to travel to Bayan Zag is really for transportation. The move to-and-from will require you to scout for an agency or a touring guide that will efficiently handle your transfer.

For the most part, a trip to Gobi to see not just Bayan Zag but its many other attractions is included in every Mongolian tour itinerary. Gobi not just cover one-third of the country’s territory; it also houses some of the country’s most stunning attractions.

Other Info

Aside from Bayan Zag, a trip to Gobi must also involve an exploration of Yolin Am and Tugrugiin Shiree among others.

Yolin Am is a vulture canyon. It is a narrow and jagged canyon, which serves as an oasis in the surrounding desert lands. Bearded vultures have settled in the canyon, hence, the name. Tugrugiin Shiree, on the other hand, is another digging ground for dinosaur fossils. Interestingly, there were skeletons of two animals locked in combat that were excavated in the place.

Bayan Zag is truly an amazing tourist destination because there are a lot of attractions that you can enjoy while exploring the flaming cliffs.