Beach Hopping – Fiji

The beautiful islands of Fiji are renowned for their picturesque mountains, tropical forests and gorgeous beaches. A holiday in Fiji will have you going on nature walks and enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

Beach hopping – Fiji is actually a very popular holiday activity in the islands with tourists wanting to experience as much of the beaches as they can while vacationing in the Republic of the Fiji Islands.


Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean lying about two-thirds of route from Hawaii and New Zealand.

Getting There

You can fly in to Fiji via the Nadi International Airport which is the main airport of the Republic. There is also an airport in Suva although this one has limited international flights.

From the airport, you can hop on a bus or a taxi to get to the city centre. To get to one of the islands, you can catch a ferry boat which provides several inter-island transfers.

What to See and Do

Beach hopping – Fiji is an adventure all on its own as it will take you not only to some of the best beaches in the world but more importantly, to some of the world’s best, if not the best, dive sites.

Diving and snorkeling are among the top activities for those who wish to go beach hopping in the islands. What is amazing about diving in Fiji is that as you swim through the expanse, you will see a large diversity of marine life and beautiful corals that have the sun’s yellow and orange hues.

The soft and hard corals are actually what drive people from all over the world to go visit Fiji’s islands and explore the beautiful underwater life thriving thereabouts.

Sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, sharks, sea snakes, clown fish and stone fish are only but a handful of sea creatures that you will come across when visiting the waters of the islands.

Beach hopping – Fiji can start with Viti Levu where you can find the wonderful beaches of Nananu-i-Ra, Cuvu and Natadola. From here, you can visit the Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Southern Islands and Northern Islands.

Brief History

The islands of the Republic of the Fiji Islands were a result of volcanic activity that occurred some one hundred and fifty million years back. The first settlement in the islands is believed to have inhabited Fiji between 35000 and 1000 BC.

For almost a century, the Fiji islands served as a colony of the British, gaining their independence only in 1970.

The islands went through much political turmoil as coup after coup occurred where the military took over the government and which later on resulted in a constitutional crisis.

Through it all however, Fiji remains as a favorite island getaway of travelers from all over the world.


For beach hopping – Fiji, there are numerous beach resorts that you can stay in which keeps you close to the waters. Accommodations in these beach resorts generally range from F$35 to F$115 for budget rooms and F$118 to F$482 for mid-range accommodations.

More luxurious rooms range from F$500 to F$1,550.

Public transportation costs are about F$1 to F$2 for short distances, F$8 for moving further on and F$12 for going back to the airport from the city centre.

Ferry rides range from F$65 to F$135.

Other Information

Fiji is predominantly a Christian community and thus has strict moral guidelines. This includes dressing appropriately. Beach wear should be confined to the beaches.

Going around town, guests are advised to wear clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.