Beirut – Lebanon

Trips to Beirut in Lebanon are easier to do now than ever before. With a population of over 2 million, it has several sightseeing spots for the tourist.

How to Get There

Most major airlines have direct flights to Lebanon’s capital. The Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport is 7 km south of the capital. From the city center, it is 15 minutes away. The taxis can be found adjacent to the arrivals terminal.

Car rentals are within the airport. There are two public bus companies: LCC and OCFTC. Just stand by the roadside and raise your hand. The bus will stop and you can board.

What to See

Pigeon Rocks is one of the best known landmarks in the country. This is a natural arch rising from the Mediterranean. it is a nice place to view the sunset. The Jeita Grotto is comprised of crystallized caves. It stretches for 9000 m. The stalactites here are over 8 m long, some of the longest in the world.

National Museum of Beirut and the Sursock Museum are also worth visiting when on trips to Beirut in Lebanon. The latter building is known for its 18th century architecture.

Numerous artworks are displayed there. Other museums and galleries include the Beirut Art Center, Matignon Gallery and AUB Museum. Some of the best parks are Sanayeh Park, Khalil Gebran Park, Herbal Garden and Nejmeh Square.


The city’s roots go back 5,000 years. The place has been subject to different rulers and powers. Archaeological digs show traces of Ottoman, Arab, Phoenician, Roman and Hellenistic civilizations. Lebanon achieved independence from France after World War II. Riad El-Solh was the country’s first prime minister.


A one time, six month visa will cost 50 LBP. Bus fares range from 500LL to 1000LL. The admission fee for the National Museum is 5.000LL for an adult and 1.000LL for students. The cost of a bottle of beer in a bar is 6.500 LBP.

A cocktail is worth 4.325 LBP. The cost of service (shared taxi) is 1 Euro. Taxis are everywhere, but they are not metered. Before you hop in, tell the driver where you are going and how it will cost.

When going on trips to Beirut in Lebanon, remember that taxi fare is based on destination. A 3 km journey will cost about 3 Euros. Most taxi drivers can understand and speak some English. Be sure to specify clearly where you are going.