Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador

Quito is the capital city of the Province of Pichincha in Ecuador as well as the capital city of the country. It is famous for its numerous historical landmarks and nature trails in its subtropical forests.

The Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador is one such subtropical forest that is frequented by tourists from all over the world, especially those who are into ornithology or the science of birds.


Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador is actually located about fifty-two kilometers off Quito. It lies completely within the Province of Pichincha, within the NW slopes of the Andes Mountain Range.

Getting There

There are two ways for you to reach Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador: via your own private car rental service or via public transport. If you will be taking your own car, take the highway going towards Los Bancos.

From Km. 52, make a left turn after the bridge and then drive straight through going past El Paraiso del Pescador and Tandayapa. 6 kilometers from here, you will reach the reserve.

Via bus, there is a bus terminal on the northern part of Quito. Take a bus going to Mindo, Los Bancos or Puerto Quito. You will alight in Nanegalito. From here, ask around for transport going to the reserve – this is usually a pick-up truck and cost is per vehicle.

What to See and Do

Bird-watching is the top priority of most people who come to visit Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador. Rare birds such as the Tanager-Finch, the Toucan Barbet, the Giant Antpitta, and the Plate-Billed Mountain Toucan make any visit here worthwhile.

There are also about fourteen different species of hummingbirds which are in abundance so you can easily catch glimpses of these birds as you walk down the trails.

There are ten kilometers of nature trails within the reserve, each providing trekkers with trails that are suitable to their difficulty level.

The six waterfalls within the reserve provide plenty of opportunities to relax by the waters while taking in your breathtaking surroundings.

Brief History

Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador was established in the year 1991, by a British-Columbian couple who bought a parcel of land within the cloud forest regions of Tandayapa Valley.

From its small beginnings of only one hundred and thirty-six acres, the reserve was gradually expanded since its establishment and it now covers an area of two thousand acres.

Simultaneous with its founding in 1991, an eco-lodge was likewise constructed to provide accommodations for visitors wishing to stay more than a day within the reserve.


The cost to visit and stay at the Bellavista Cloudforest in Quito – Ecuador varies depending on the number of days and nights that you will be visiting.

Day trips cost US$115 per adult. For two persons, the cost is US$95 per person; three to four persons, US$87 per person; five or more, US$75 per person. Children twelve years of age and below get a forty percent discount.

Day trip costs include roundtrip transfers, breakfast and lunch, one guided tour; and cover all taxes as well.

For private rooms, costs are about US$95 per person inclusive of three meals and US$60 per person without meals. Dorms on the other hand, cost US$50 per person with three meals and US$26 per person without meals.

Other Information

Private room and dorm costs are not inclusive of twelve percent sales tax and ten percent service charge. Day trip roundtrip transfers are from any point in Quito and back.