Biertan in Sibiu County – Romania

Biertan in Sibiu County is one of the most important historical sites in Romania. The commune has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.


This commune can be found in the northern area of Sibiu County. This is 15 km to the east of Medias and 80 km north of Sibiu. Sibiu is the old German Hermannstadt. The site is in central Romania.

What to See

There are three villages in the commune: Richis, Copsa Mare and Biertan. All of these villages have a fortified church. Although the churches have been around for a long time, they are well maintained.

The arch in the church is beautifully decorated. Its golden brown color is also striking. The high walls protecting the church are also lovely. Its red roof and beige walls are a perfect match for the lush green environment.

Adjacent to this is an edifice where people who wish to get divorced were kept temporarily. In its 400 year history, only one couple agreed to divorce after spending time there.


From 1572 and 1867, it was the see of the Lutheran Evangelical Bishop at Transylvania. The earliest document concerning the village is dated from 1283.

Based on this report, Biertan in Sibiu County appears to have been established between 1224 to 1283. Over time, the village rapidly turned into a market town. Records show that by 1510, the site had a population of 4,000.

During the 1993 census, the commune had 2331 inhabitants. Around 1230 were Transylvanian Saxons. The current estimates put the figure at more or less 3,000. Of this figure, the commune makes up 1,600.


Taxis are affordable at Euro 40-Cent (1.4 – 2 leu/RON) per km. There are also cars available for rent. However, they are usually more expensive compared to taxis.

Other Info

Some of the other attractions in the commune are the church of Richis and Copsa Mare. Those visiting Romania may also embark on the Romanian Sampler Tour and the Transylvania Triangle Train Tour.

The mountain bike routes are also popular. For trekking aficionados, there are plenty of hills to explore. The popularity of the place has also increased the lodgings and accommodations around it.

Biertan in Sibiu County is also the site of the yearly Transylvanian Saxon reunion. Many of them now reside in Germany. After World War II, the Transylvanian Saxons in the country were expelled. Yearly, the reunion takes place in the village.