Big Rock Falls in Cayo – Belize

Big Rock Falls in Cayo – Belize is but one of the many delightful tourist spots that can be found at the western part of Belize. Stretching to around 2,000 square miles, the district of Cayo is like a second home of pleasure and nature-tripping among many tourists who wish to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of work-filled days.

How to Get There

Going to the Big Rock Falls in Cayo – Belize can be a simple adventure. The district of Cayo houses the famous Mountain Pine Ridge where you will find the falls deep in its escarpment, off the dirt road. A helpful and knowledgeable guide is highly recommended. You may choose to go on horseback, mountain bike or a heavy-duty vehicle (designed for rough roads and the like) for the trip.

A feeder road at the left, along the direction going to Five Sisters Falls, is the path to follow. It would lead you to clearing and a downhill pathway. Just be careful, though, since the downward trail may prove to be a bit steep. As you go down, you will the beauty of the Privassion River, and, in the near distance, the sound of the falls would be heard. After a short climb on the boulders of the river, you would finally be enthralled by the beauty of the Big Rock Falls in Cayo – Belize.

What to See

Around the area, you will be pleased to know that you can partake of lots of nature trails to your delight if you’re more of an adventurer and wouldn’t mind checking out the delightful treasures of nature. If you wish to go horseback riding or venture to the hiking spots of the area, you can go to the nearby Mountain Pine Ridge for these and many other delightful activities that you can do alone or with friends and family. For those who prefer bird-watching or learning more about wildlife in this part of the globe, a reserve that is home to various birds and other animals is just around the area.


Having a height of 150 feet, this alluring falls is really such a wonderful sight to behold. Also known as the “Nature’s Spa” to most dwellers and tourists, the falls is a natural spot for leisure and pleasure for those who live in Belize, a richly endowed country of Central America.

The country is said to be a British colony during the latter part of the 19th century. During the year 1964, the country practiced self-governance. In 1981, it finally became an independent area. Statistics show that it has a record of around 294,000 for its population.


Costs for travels and stays may vary. So, it would be best to opt for packages where you get great offers that may suit your budget. Roughly, you may be paying around $700 to $900 and up for a group of seven to ten people or more. Others may offer less. There are many online sites offering travel packages to this place so it would be best for you to shop around first before getting into any deal.

Other Info

If you wish to stay at Big Rock Falls in Cayo – Belize for more than a day, merely visit the various lodges in its district. You may notice that each place is created with the various interests of its guests in mind, so go ahead and find the perfect second home for your extended stay.