Bird Island – Seychelles

The beautiful island nation of Seychelles has rich flora and fauna as well as beautiful beaches that attract tourists all year-round. One particularly interesting spot and a very popular one at that is Bird Island – Seychelles.

It is a privately-owned island that provides twenty-four bungalows for guests.


Bird Island – Seychelles is situated on the northern tip of the island nation and is about sixty miles off Mahe.

Getting There

The only international airport in Seychelles is the Seychelles International Airport which is situated eight kilometers off southern Victoria.

There is an airline service that provides inter-island flights which can take you to Mahe, the nearest island to Bird Island.

From Mahe, you can take a shuttle flight to Bird Island – Seychelles where you will land at Bird Island Airport, a small strip for landing charter flights. The flight will take about 30 minutes.

What to See

As its name suggests, you can view various bird species in the island. Bird Island – Seychelles offers visitors a closer look at tern species such as sooty and fairy; as well as brown noddies, hawksbills and also green turtles.

The island is well-known for being a sea turtle and bird nesting place.

The beautiful beaches surrounding the island also make the trip worthwhile; with their pristine waters and white sands.

Brief History

Bird Island – Seychelles used to be called “Ile aux Vaches” which translates to “Island of Cows” because of the numerous sea cows that used to inhabit its waters.

The island used to be a coconut plantation until it was converted into a private resort in an effort to conserve the birdlife as well as marine life in the island.

This effort also included getting rid of rats and rabbits which in turn increased the number of brown noddies, wedge-tailed shearwaters and white-tailed tropicbirds.


Cost of accommodations at the Bird Island Lodge depends on the number of nights that you will be staying in and the size of the bungalow.

For one to five nights, rates range from 352 Euros up to 656 Euros; while for 6 nights and above, rates are from 320 Euros up to 604 Euros.

Children under two years of age are free of charge while kids from 2 up to 11 years old are charged at 105 Euros for 6 nights and up; and 121 Euros for one to five nights of stay.

Other Information

During the month of May each year, millions of various birds fly to Bird Island – Seychelles to nest. You may want to book your holiday during this month to witness this awe-inspiring sight.