Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia

Riga is the largest city in the country. It has various tourist attractions ranging from museums, cathedrals, churches, monuments and landmarks.

To make your holiday even more enjoyable and relaxing, your choice of accommodations plays a vital role here.

The Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia is a historical castle that has been passed from one owner to the next and is now a popular hotel in the city.


Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia is located within the Limbazhi District in the city.

Getting There

Flying in to Riga is via the Riga International Airport. From here, you can get a taxi to take you straight to Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia.

You can also get your own car hire service and drive down to the castle. Take the Via Baltica main road and drive straight through going towards Tallinn. After awhile, you will see a sign that says “Birini 14 Km.” Simply follow the road until you reach the castle.

On the other hand, you can take an airport shuttle to take you to the bus station in the city center. From here, you can take a bus going to the castle.

What to See and Do

Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia is more than just a hotel. The castle is well-preserved which means that you can take a tour around the castle and see it for how it was during its heydays.

There is also a museum that you can visit located within the castle grounds; plus there are various parks that you can likewise check out while visiting the castle.

These parks surround the castle and they offer plenty of opportunities for nature walks.

For a truly relaxing experience however, you should not fail to visit the bathhouses within the castle. Located at the lower part of the castle, these provide guests with relaxing bubble pools, saunas and massage showers.

Brief History

Kolcen Estate, which was what the castle grounds were formerly called, was presented to Johan Biring, who fought against Ivan the Terrible and successfully freed several cities and districts, including Limbazhi; by Poland-Lithuania’s king during the 16th century.

From the time that Biring owned the estate until the start of the 20th century, the estate was known as Biring estate.

It was in the 19th century that the main building of the castle grounds was constructed under the orders of August von Pistolkorss, son of Colonel Aleks von Pistolkorrs, who acquired the estate via marriage.

Castle ownership was passed on from one owner to the next and in the year 1993, Janis Vimba bought the property. He undertook the renovations and restorations of the castle and opened it to the public.


The cost to tour Birini Castle in Riga – Latvia is about 2.50 LVL for the park and the castle tour; and 1.50 LVL just for the park.

Services of a guide cost about 10 LVL.

For use of the bathhouse, this costs about 28 LVL per hour; recreation hall, 7 LVL per hour and towel rentals cost 1.50 LVL each.

Hotel rooms cost about 75 Euros per room up to 195 Euros.

Other Information

There is a restaurant within the castle grounds whose menu consists of ingredients that are one hundred percent organic.