Bishop’s Palace Garden in Castelo Branco – Portugal

The Bishops Palace Garden in Castelo Branco has always been one of the most frequented destinations in Portugal. Its numerous features have kept it in the itinerary of travel tours to the country.


The palace is in Castelo Branco. This is 115 miles from Lisbon. You can get to the site by way of the E806 and E01 highways. It is at the eastern part of Portugal.

What to See

There are many things to see in the palace. Some of the main attractions are the lakes and fountains. There are also many statues in the area. The Flooded Garden is especially popular. There are also many statues of the Apostles which have never failed to captivate the tourists and the religious.

The lush greens around the site also provide a refreshing break from the city landscape. As the Bishops Palace Garden in Castelo Branco is set high above the town, you will get a nice view when up there.

The garden is set on two levels, and are noteworthy for their scale and symmetry. The beds are set down formally and with sculpted hedges around them. A statuary punctuates the terraced garden.


The history of the country goes back to the Middle Ages. By the 16th century, Portugal had become one of the major powers in Europe. During the Age of Discovery, the country established an empire with territories in Australasia, Asia, Africa and South America.

The next two centuries saw its empire slowly lose power. This can be attributed to the increasing power of the British, French and the Dutch. As these countries portions of the slave and spice trade increased, the influence of Portugal waned. The empire was furthered weakened by its defeat in the Battle of Alcacer Quibir in Morocco in 1578 and the defeat of Spain by England in 1588.


If you are in Portugal on a budget / mid-range trip, you can probably do with spending 60 to 80 Euros daily. Flights to the country can now be had for a few hundred dollars only.

Other Info

Castelo Branco is not that big a town, but it is actually very interesting. There are plenty of gardens, shops and restaurants nearby. Once you have explored the place, you can drop by these places and immerse in the culture.

The Bishops Palace Garden in Castelo Branco is also renowned for its architecture. The gardens are set in the Baroque style, making for a fascinating sight.