Bitola – Macedonia

Bitola – Macedonia is known as the “City of Consuls” owing to the fact that the city is home to a number of European consulates. Bitola is the commercial hub of the Republic of Macedonia as well as its educational and cultural center.


Bitola – Macedonia is located south of the Pelagonia Valley and is approximately fourteen kilometers off the northern section of Greece’s Medzitlija-Niki border.

Getting There

While Bitola – Macedonia and Greece seem so close to each other, with Bitola’s location of a few kilometers from the Greece border; there are unfortunately no straightforward connection that will immediately get you to Bitola.

You can take a taxicab from Greece and ask to be driven to Bitola.

Within the country, you can get to Bitola via buses that ply the Skopje-Bitola route. These buses run several times per day so it’s easy to catch one when you’re ready to leave for Bitola.

Alternatively, there are trains from Skopje that go to Bitola as well.

What to See

One of the best places to visit in Bitola – Macedonia is the Old Bazaar. It’s now a square that has some of the town’s major Ottoman monuments. This one is considered as the most charming and fine-looking old bazaar in the Republic.

There are several mosques here that are likewise worth a visit: the Isak Beg Mosque which was constructed back in 1508; the Jeni Mosque, constructed in 1558 and the Ajdar Kadi Mosque, built between the years 1561 and 1562. This is considered as the most magnificent Islamic monument in town.

For a look at beautiful Neo-Classical structures, head down to Shirok Sokak Street.

Bitola being the “City of Consuls,” you shouldn’t miss checking out the consulates. The British Consulate is the very first one to be built in town and it depicts Neo-Classical design as well.

Brief History

Bitola – Macedonia was formerly known as Heraclea Lyncestis. It was established by Macedonia’s Philip II during the 4th BC. Thereafter, the town flourished during the Roman Period but an earthquake in 518 AD destroyed most of the town.

During the latter years of 518 AD, Slavs started migrating to the city. From this settlement came the Bitola of today.


Accommodations in Bitola – Macedonia are ideal for the budget friendly as there are excellent hotels here that only cost €13 per person, per night.

Generally, accommodations in town range from €13 to €25 for a single room and €35 to €40 for a double room.

Prices usually cover free breakfast as well.

Other Information

There are two major events that take place in Bitola every year. These are the International Film Camera Festival and the Interfest, an international event featuring classical music.