Bocas del Torro – Panama

The province of Bocas del Toro – Panama is a popular tourist destination with its many wonderful beaches offering travelers excellent opportunities to enjoy their favorite water sports such as surfing and diving.

In the evenings, the town transforms into a lively night spot with clubs and bars offering tourists a taste of the Caribbean nightlife.


Bocas del Toro – Panama is located on the north side of the Caribbean Sea, west side of Costa Rica’s Limon Province, south side of Chiriqui Province and east side of Ngöbe-Buglé Comarca.

Getting There

You can fly in to Panama via the Tocumen International Airport located in Panama City. From here, you will need to go to the former US Air Force Base at Albrook Airfield to take a flight going to Bocas del Toro – Panama.

The flight will take about one hour.

You can also take a water taxi from Almirante. There are buses that can take you to Almirante from the Panama City terminal. The ride however will take about ten hours.

Water taxi rides from Almirante to Bocas del Toro – Panama on the other hand will only take about thirty minutes.

What to See

For beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, the best places to see here are the pristine beaches. Visit Bluff Beach in Colon Island, Wizard Beach and Long Beach in Bastimentos and the beaches of Zapatilla Keys.

If bird-watching is your thing, head off to Swans Cay, a bird sanctuary where you can spot a brown booby, a brown pelican, frigates and a lot of other sea gulls as well as terns.

Nature-tripping is actually a top activity within the province and here, you can take guided tours on the forests as well as go on hikes and treks in several nature trails.

Brief History

The most notable historical figure of olden times that visited the province of Bocas del Toro – Panama was Christopher Columbus back in 1502. He originally called the province Isla del Drago.

Bocas del Toro – Panama was actually a part of several other provinces in Panama before it was declared as a separate province. It used to be part of Veraguas and then it became part of Chiriqui and then later still, it was declared as part of Colon.

It wasn’t until 1903, when the Bocas del Toro – Panama finally became a province on its own.


There are several affordable accommodations in the province; from hotels to hostels and even apartments. Accommodations usually start at twenty-seven US dollars for two persons, per night going up to only about seventy US dollars.

For dining out, you can enjoy various cuisines from Mexican to Chinese, American to Italian plus of course the local fares which consist mostly of scrumptious seafood for as low as five US dollars per dish.

Other Information

The best time to visit Bocas del Toro – Panama is during the months when there is least rainfall. These are from August to October and then again from February to April.