Bojinice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia

Bojnice is a small city in the central parts of Slovakia, with only about five thousand inhabitants. This idyllic town however, is a popular tourist getaway mainly for three reasons: its spa, zoo and castle.

The Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia is the most widely-visited attraction of its kind in the country.


Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia is located at Zámok a okolie 1.

Getting There

Being a small town, there are no airports in Bojnice. You can fly in to Bratislava, which has an international airport. From Bratislava, you can take a train or a bus to reach Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia.

The trip lasts about three hours up to three hours and thirty minutes.

You can also take a private taxi going to Bojnice.

What to See and Do

The fairy tale exteriors of the Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia have been featured in countless travel guides for the country as well as movies based on certain children’s fairy tale stories.

This being said, the castle provides a romantic backdrop for the perfect holiday. A park surrounds the castle where you can take a leisurely stroll and see what is known as the “King Matej Lime Tree.”

The tree was planted in the year 1301 but it was King Matej who made it famous, having held many an assembly and feasts under the tree during his visits to Bojnice.

There is also a cave that you can explore found under Courtyard Number 4. There are 2 mini lakes inside the cave.

The most amazing part about visiting the castle however, is viewing the treasures collected by its last known owner, Count Ján Pállfy. His remains lie in a sarcophagus inside the castle.

It was the Count’s last dying wish to have the castle opened for the public so he can share his treasures to everyone who wishes to visit the castle.

Brief History

The Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia was initially constructed as a fort made of wood and then was later on re-constructed with stone. Máté Csák was the first owner of the fort after it was presented to him by Hungarian King Ladislaus V in the year 1302.

Some time in the 15th century, ownership was transferred to King Matthias Corvinus who later on gave it to his son John Corvinus in the year 1489. It was however, the Pállfy noble family who transformed the castle into what it looks today.


The cost to visit Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia depends on whether you will be taking a day tour or a night tour. Day tours cost 5.70 Euros for each adult, 2.90 Euros for kids six year up to fifteen years of age, and 0.70 Euros for kids three years up to five years of age.

For night tours, general admission fee is 6.70 Euros per person.

Other Information

Night tours for the Bojnice Castle in Bojnice – Slovakia require a minimum number of fifteen persons. The castle is open from Tuesday to Sunday during the months of May thru October. Operating hours are from 9 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon.

From October thru April, the castle is open from 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon.