Bordzhomi – Georgia

The spa town that is Bordzhomi in Georgia is one of the country’s up and coming attractions. The town is also the perfect place to explore other nearby sightseeing spots.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The town is located is 93 miles (150 km) to the west of Tbilisi. This is in the region of Tori. Tbilisi is the country’s capital and has several buses and taxis that can direct you to the town.

What to See There

The spa town is highly regarded for the mineral water it produces. Apart from the spa, the town is also great for hiking. There are several trails in and around the place you can explore. There are also nature trails and parks where you can have picnics.

Bordzhomi in Georgia is also perfect for trekking. Not far from the town is the lovely Lake Tabatskuri. 18 miles (28 km) southeast from town is

Bakuriani. Bakuriani is set at an altitude of 5580 ft (1700 m).


Tori is one of the most historic regions in the country. Today it is included in the Samtskhe-Javakheti along with Meskheti and Javakheti. On the northeast is Shida Kartli and to the northwest is Imereti. Trialeti is to the east. What constitutes Tori today used to be the Borjomi Gorge.

During the medieval age, the whole area was the property of the Toreli (Gamrekeli) family. The word “Tori” itself became obsolete during the 15th century. During the same period, the region became the property of Avalishvili family.


The town and region is served by buses, minibuses, taxis and an underground system. The tickets cost 20 Tetri. Trolleybuses and standard buses cost 10 to 25 Tetri. Minibus fares cost 20 to 50 Tetri. Taxi fares are negotiable.

Other Info

The language in Georgia is unrelated to any language spoken outside the country. The language is hard to understand and learn, but Russian is spoken by many. Knowing some basic Georgian words will definitely be an asset.

Except for Tbilisi, majority of the signs are in Latin or Georgian. Knowing the Georgian alphabet can be a real advantage. If you aren’t familiar with the language, bring a phrasebook or a guide.

Bordzhomi in Georgia is just one of the attractions in the area. Once you are in the country, don’t forget to try out the khinkali, a type of dumpling, but served in copious amounts.