Bozo Village in Bamako – Mali

A trip to Bamako, the capital town of Mali, should never be left out in your itinerary. That’s because it is one great place to have music and shopping adventures. Unlike the other Mali travel destinations, Bamako defies a tranquil stay. It is full of colors, full of energy, full of activities.

Some of the notable things about Bamako is its nightlife, museums, restaurants, hotels, and musicians. This is where West Africa’s most famous music stars can be found. Fun and entertainment is truly amazing in this side of earth.

But wait, there’s another thing you should never miss about Bamako. That is, the Bozo Village. This is the only tranquil place you can find in town so you better not miss a trip to Bozo. This fishing village may be small but it offers a lot of interesting activities as well. Buying fish is one of them.

Location and How to Get There

The Bozo Village is located along the Niger River. It is represented by a small ethnic group known as the Bozo people.

To get to the Bozo village, you will have to take the Niger River ferry and hop off this little fishing community.

What to See There

The Bozo Village is famous for its main industry – fishing. The Bozo fishermen are known masters of the river. They hardly come home without a bountiful fresh catch.

There are about a hundred and thirty-two thousand Bozo people living in the banks of the Niger River. They are also a sight on their own. Exploring their culture and their way of life is an adventure in itself. Although most members of the ethnic group are already Muslims, there are a few who still practice animist traditions.


There were rock drawings that were associated with the Bozo people that date back some 6,000 years ago. However, the current shape of their culture is believed to take shape during the Ghana Empire in 10th century. This is also about the time when the Bozo people took possession of the banks of the Niger River and called it their territory.


Unless you are going to explore a lot of other things that the town of Bamako can offer, you do not have to spend so much in visiting the Bozo village. You only need to spare a few dollars to try the freshest catch that the fishing village has been known for.

Then again, it would be a waste of time to concentrate only on the Bozo Village and forget about the other attractions of the town altogether. So be ready with a few hundreds to be able to enjoy the best bar and restaurants, the best hotels, and the best entertainment that Bamako can offer.