Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland

A Window to the Past: Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland

Old castles are magnificent remnants of bygone days. They are often poignant reminders of what life was back in the medieval ages. One of the lasting examples of such fine works is Bunratty Castle in Bunratty, Co. Clare. It stands today as one of Ireland’s premiere visitor’s center. Everyone is truly welcome to experience the glory of ancient times and open a window to life as it was back then.

Relics of the Antiquities

You don’t have to be a history buff in order to appreciate the things that you will find in this historic monument. This castle is rather well-preserved and is more of the complete fortresses in the whole of Ireland. This fortress was erected in 1425 and became a refuge for many people in those days.

The place underwent restoration work and was completed in 1954. During the restoration efforts, a lot of the work was devoted to restoring the mood of times when this castle or fortress was built. Within the halls of Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland you’ll find a lot of the furnishings still intact.

These pieces of ancient furniture and displays may not look exactly how they did back when they were freshly hung on the walls or put on display, but they now stand as a quiet reminder of the things that men valued when modern conveniences were not yet invented. The collection housed in Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland numbers to around 450 items. They include artifacts, tapestries, and other ancient relics.

A lot of the furnishings date back to the 15th and 16th centuries – all well preserved the same with the other works of art hanging in the cold stone walls of this solid fortress. The massive walls nowadays still enclose the old grounds along with the cottages that have clustered for protection anciently.

Folk Park

One’s experience in Bunratty Castle is never complete without having a stroll in the old Folk Park that is nestled within the walls of the fortress. Life in the 19th century is recreated in this park that covers around 26 acres. It is a recreation of the village as it were complete with 30 functional buildings. There are even street characters that will interact with visitors. The buildings you’ll find here include a school, hardware shop, doctor’s house, bakeshop, a post office, and even a truly functioning pub.

Walled Garden

Every fortress needs something to sustain the needs of the people seeking for protection within its walls. The Walled Garden is exactly what it was back when Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland was a thriving medieval settlement. Today, you’ll find fruits, flowers, vegetables, and other gardening facilities in the Walled Garden beautifully refurbished to look like what it used to in 1804 after the Victorian fashion.

Booking a Trip

A trip to Bunratty Castle in Bunratty – Ireland will cost some 10 Euros for adults and eight Euros for each child as an entrance fee. You can also take the tour and pay for a family package that will cost some 34 to 38 Euros depending on how many members are there in your family.

However, if you’re staying for more than just the tour then you’ll have to pay for other services that may include a medieval banquet and traditional Irish nights. Bunratty Castle is located in Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland. You may call their administration office at +353 (0)61 360788 or send a fax to +353 (0)61 361020.