Burnham Park in Baguio City – Philippines

Burnham Park in Baguio, along with Wright Park, is one of the most relaxing places in the Philippines’ summer capital. The park is very popular not just among tourists, but also the local residents.

How to Get There

The park can be reached via three roads: Magsaysay Road, Governor Pack and Kisad Road. The modes of transport are similar to the ones you see in Metro Manila. There are buses, jeepneys and tricycles everywhere. Majority of the drivers know where the park is. Just ask to be taken there.

What to See

Burnham Park in Baguio has many to offer the visitor. The place is divided into a dozen areas. First is the Burnham Lagoon. This lake is man made, and you can hire rowboats to cross it. For the young ones, there is the Children’s Playground.

The other sectors are the Sunshine Park, Pine Trees of the World, and the Japanese Peace Tower.Visitors can also relax in the Picnic Grove, the Rose Garden and the Orchidarium.

The other attractions are the Igorot Garden, the Athletic Bowl and the Skating Rink. The park also has areas where you can go biking. There are also gaming sectors.

A few eateries have also been set up. Outdoor concerts are also held in the park. It is near the picnic area, so people can relax and enjoy the music. For those who want more action, there are tennis and basketball courts.


The park was named in honor of its designer, the eminent American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. He was also the one who conceived of Baguio City’s design itself. The architect intended it to be a respite from the frenetic pace of the city. His design ensured there would be open spaces in the park. The greenness of the area still remains today. However, it is also now sort of an amusement park as well.

After the July 1990 earthquake devastated the city, many of the people affected established shelters on the park. The area is also the site for the opening ceremonies of the Panagbenga Festival.


The jeepney transport fare is 8.50 Philippine Pesos. There is a two peso discount for students and senior citizens. Taxis here are metered. Aside from the 25 Pesos plug down rate, there is an extra 10 Peso fee plus the fare.

Some hotels will offer transport to Burnham Park in Baguio and the other tourist sites nearby. The rates will vary per package though.