Butrint National Park in Butrint – Albania

The Butrint National Park in Butrint is both an archeological and nature reserve. It was established in November 2005 to preserve the environment, landscape and archaeology of the area.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The reserve is located at Albania’s southwestern point. If you want to travel by ferry, Saranda is the nearest port. It is to the north of Butrint (19 km). There are also ferries you can ride if coming from mainland Greece. If coming from somewhere else in Europe, use the Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza.

What to See There

The reserve covers an area spanning 85.91 square kilometers. A walkthrough of the area will show the different forms the town has undergone. You can examine the site’s origins, its expansion and the Christian influence. Other attractions include the lion’s gate, the churches and the museum.

The structures and artifacts encompass the period from the Bronze Age up to the 19th century. The site is encompassed by the Lake Butrint freshwater and the Vivari Channel. It is this combination that makes the site unique. It is this combination that has made the site very popular since the 18th century.


The Butrint National Park was built by the Albanian Ministry of Culture together with ICOMOS, ICCROM and UNESCO. The purpose was to build a cultural heritage that could be sustained. It was also intended that the national institutions and local communities could get involved in its maintenance.

The park is now considered to be a center for archeological research. It also functions as a conservation training school. There are also concerts, events, outreach programs and theaters associated with the park. The area is also a part of the List of Ramsar wetlands of international importance.


The fee for a non-Albanian is 700 Leke. Groups of more than ten non-Albanians are charged 500 Leke. Albanians are charged 200 Leke.

Other Info

The park is open from eight in the morning until dusk. The museum is open from eight in the morning until 4:00 pm. To see the park in its entirety, you will need about three hours. You can take pictures, but flash photography is not allowed. There are also boat trips on Lake Butrint and the castle of Ali Pasha by the Vivari Channel.

If you are going to Butrint National Park from abroad, keep in mind that visas are usually not required. Passports are needed however. There is a 10 Euro fee for entering the country.